Kalyaneshwar Temple
The Kalyaneshwar Shiv Mandir at Telangkhedi is 226 years old. It was constructed by Raje Raghuji Bhosale in 1785. Starting the day by offering prayers to the idol there was Raghuji’s routine. During Shravan month, the king’s family lived in the temple which is east facing. The temple was initially managed by the Bhonsle Devasthan Trust. In 1925 all the properties of Bhonsle went under the possession of the Courts of Wards but the temple continued to be in the possession of Bhonsles. Later, local people took care of the temple and deputed a priest. After the pujari died, Raje Jaisinghrao Bhonsle began to look after the temple. In 1970, Jaisinghrao died and the temple went under the possession of Courts of Wards and Gangadhar Patne was appointed the pujari. In 1983, after the division of the Bhonsle property, the Telangkhedi temple came under the possession of Kamlaraje Jaisinghrao Bhonsle. It again went to the ‘Courts of Wards’ in 1984 amid a legal battle. The temple was bought by Ashutosh Shewalkar in 1995 and since then it is in the possession of the Shewalkar family. Now the temple is their private property.